Things In Your Home You Need To Replace

Do you have a pillow so old that it is lumpy and somehow got yellow stains on it? Toss it! Dust mites are all over it! Ideally, you should swap out pillows every year or two.

Fire extinguishers  Most rechargeable ones need a recharge every five or six years…the disposable kind need to be replaced after 12 years.

Smoke detectors  You should replace them every 10 years because they lose sensitivity…carbon

First-aid kits  Check the expiration dates on the items inside…some of them expire after three to five years.

Your kitchen sponge  The dirtiest item in your kitchen should be changed every two weeks minimum.

Your toothbrush  Replace this every three to four months or sooner if the bristles look matted or frayed.

Your shower loofah  Get a new one every three months or it’ll end up covered in bacteria.