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The Weeknd wants to chat with you personally, via Spotify AI

Courtesy Spotify

Imagine logging onto your Spotify account and having a one-to-one chat with The Weeknd about all your favorite songs by the Grammy-winning star.  Well, now you can, thanks to the magic of artificial intelligence.

Spotify has set up a microsite called Alone with Me, and when you log in, you’ll see a realistic avatar of the singer, addressing you by name.  Then, the program uses the data in your account to make The Weeknd, in his own voice, talk to you about which one of his songs you’ve streamed the most often, how long you’ve been listening to him, which albums you’ve listened to the most and the like.

It’s quite an experience to see and hear Abel — The Weeknd’s birth name — say stuff to you like, “Damn! You and I go way back. You’ve been listening to me on Spotify since 2016! I remember those days.” 

However, it is a bit disconcerting that the Abel avatar appears in his After Hours persona, meaning he’s got a beat-up face and a bandage over his nose.

Try it for yourself at

By Andrea Dresdale
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