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The Weeknd Gives "Blinding Lights" some Latin flair with Rosalía remix

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It’s hard to see how The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” could get any bigger: It was Billboard’s number-one Hot 100 song of 2020 and broke records for most weeks in the top 10 and top five on the chart.  But the Canadian star may have come up with a way to make it bigger still.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of “Blinding Lights” release — it came out on November 29, 2019 — The Weeknd has put out a release featuring Rosalía, one of the hottest Latin stars of the moment.  There’s also a behind-the-scenes lyric video for the track that’s out now.
In a statement, Monte Lipman, the head of The Weeknd’s record label, said, “Under the most challenging circumstances imaginable, the timing of The Weeknd’s After Hours release and the impact it’s made around the world is of historic proportions.”

He added, “Subsequently, ‘Blinding Lights’ has earned the respect of the global music community and will forever be recognized as one of the most important songs of a generation.”

In other words, the Grammys — which inexplicably snubbed the song and The Weeknd — can go take a flying leap.

By Andrea Dresdale
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