The Walking Dead is Already Planning Their 10th Season

The Walking Dead‘s ninth season has been broken up into two halves, so while the mid-season finale was on Sunday, part two will pick up in early 2019. But there’s still plenty of gas in the tank for the series, with showrunner Angela Kang noting that more episodes are on the horizon.
Kang says, “I’m already working on season 10 stuff,” pointing out that it takes a year and a half to make a season, so she’s gathering her writers and crew together for a “head start.” As for a bit of a spoiler, Maggie fans don’t lose hope just yet. Kang reveals, “We will hopefully come back to Maggie’s story in Season 10.”
How much longer do you think the show can go on? Are you still watching every week? I used to love the Walking Dead, but after Season 6 it kinda lost its luster for me. -Suits