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The Songwriters MAAAAADE Him Do It! 😂

When Justin Timberlake pronounced “me” as “MAY” in the ‘N Sync classic “It’s Gonna Be Me”, it wasn’t just a happy accident.  He was following ORDERS.

The band appears on the latest episode of the YouTube show “Hot Ones”, where they broke it down.

It turns out the guys who wrote the song were Swedish, and when they heard Justin sing “me”, they told him, quote, “No, no, no, no.  It’s may.  May!”  So he did what he was told, and the rest his history.

Justin said, quote, “I did it the way that was requested, and that’s what made the record.  I knew one day they were going to invent this thing called memes.”

(Here’s a related TikTok Justin posted just a few days ago.)