The Largest Pumpkin In The U.S. Disqualified For Small Crack

Well, maybe the bright side is, it can still make a lot of delicious pies?!

A Wisconsin man grew the biggest pumpkin in the U.S. this year – coming in at 2,520 pounds. However, it’s not going in any official record books because it was disqualified.

Why? Because of a tiny crack about the size of a fingernail. Mike Schmit grew the gargantuan gourd about 30 miles west of Fond du Lac. Unfortunately from the awkward way it was growing, it cracked.

It would have been worth $20,000, but Schmit said he’s not going to lose sleep over it. “It happens. There’s no crying in pumpkin growing.”

Have you ever been so close to winning something huge only to have the tiniest thing stop it from happening?