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The Curse of Hard Rock Stadium


Hard Rock stadium, the current name of the Dolphins stadium, is built on a Tequesta Indian burial ground that was surrounded by Seminole tribe artifacts. The Tequesta Indians had used the site about 800 A.D. and the Seminole Indians in the mid-19th Century. Now, the Seminole Tribe of Florida is paying a reported $250 million over 18 years for the right to name the stadium after their Hard Rock-owned casinos.


In the Orange Bowl, the Miami Dolphins won two Super Bowls, played in 5, had 14 playoff wins and a 63% win percentage. The Dolphins were the winningest franchise in all of sports while playing in the Orange Bowl.


Since moving to their current stadium in 1987, the Miami Dolphins have had zero Super Bowl appearances, only six playoff victories, twelve head coaches and a 49% win-percentage. The Dolphins went to the Super Bowl four months before digging up the remains, and they haven’t been back since.


The Miami Hurricanes football team has won 5 National Championships and all of them happened while playing in the Orange Bowl. (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001). The Hurricanes won 80% of their games since 1983 at the Orange Bowl, but since moving to Hard Rock Stadium in 2008, the Hurricanes have only had one bowl win and have only won 37.5% of their games. 61 of the 65 Power 5 programs have more bowl wins over that span. Prior to that, Miami had a solid 18-13 bowl-game record.


The weird reversal of fortune has been the Marlins, who won two World Series in the stadium and had a better winning percentage, before moving to the site of the old Orange Bowl.