The Coldest South Florida Christmas

Florida Snowman
A snowman made out of sand on the beach of Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

While most of the country is dreaming of a White Christmas, it’s guaranteed we won’t experience that in South Florida.

In fact, the last time it snowed in Palm Beach County was 45-years-ago in January of 1977.

The average temperature On December 25th in South Florida is 77 degrees according to the National Weather Service.

Not your typical Christmas conditions, no, but that doesn’t mean we get winter like weather in our area.

While it’s uncommon, in 1983 Florida experienced it’s coldest Christmas with a high of 51 degrees.

The cold wave lasted from December 22nd through the 26th. It was one of the worst freezes ever for the state of Florida.

The hottest Christmas ever recorded in our area was in 2016 when it was a summer like 86 degrees.

The weather channel is currently forecasting a high of 71 this Christmas with a low of 61 and a 43% chance of rain.

It may not be a stereotypical Christmas but for Florida it’s the closest we can get!