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The Chainsmokers predict there will be “another golden age of dance music”

A Conversation With The Chainsmokers
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The Chainsmokers predict dance music isn’t just making a comeback, they think we’re about to enter a “golden age.”

Speaking to Grammy.comDrew Taggart predicted, “I haven’t seen this many people excited about dance music in quite some time.” He referenced how Drake and Beyoncé released albums influenced by the genre to explain how dance music is evolving.

“It feels like the world’s kind of coming back to it, so I’m hoping that this leads to some innovation and we have another golden age of dance music,” he shared.

Drew adds there’s a hunger for electronic music, saying, “I think people really just want to have fun right now, coming out of the pandemic.”

“We’ve been in a hip-hop wave for about seven years now — which has been awesome, and there’s been so much amazing, interesting music. I just think things are gonna change again now,” he continued. “And whether dance music becomes a leading genre, I hope that people get excited about it again, these festivals pop off again, and it leads to more innovation in the space.”

Alex Pall is also looking forward to a dance music boom and laid out who he hopes to collaborate with next, such as Latin superstars Bad BunnyMaluma and Sebastian Yatra

“That’s probably when we’re at our strongest, when we do those really interesting types of collaborations that maybe people didn’t expect,” he teased. And while the duo is exploring such potential collaborations, Alex stressed, “It’s got to feel right. It’s got to have the DNA of Chainsmokers.” 

As for when we’ll hear their next album, neither shared an exact date but Alex did tease, “We have so many exciting things that we’re working on.”

The Chainsmokers’ last album, So Far So Good, was released in May.

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