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The 6 Ways Kevin’s Learning Spanish


I’m as Gringo as they come, but I love Spanish food, culture and women (I married a Mexican). So, learning the language seems like the only sensible thing. I’m sure there are better ways to learn Spanish than the path I chose, but if you’re looking to get started, here’s what I would suggest.

1.) Apps.

So, I downloaded the Duolingo app and got after it. They say “just 15 minutes a day” is all you need to learn a language. Yeah, maybe if you care to be fluent in 10 years. It’s taken me two years just to realize how much goes into it. Now, I’m spending at least 30 minutes a day with it and more if I can. A few other apps you might want to check out are: Duolingo’s Tiny Cards, Google Translate, ConjuGato and Spanish Verbs.


2.) Workbooks

I’ve also been using some Spanish workbooks from McGraw Hill’s “Language Lab.” I’ve noticed better retention when I’m writing things down. I use that Google Translate app to cheat like crazy, though. Regardless, I’ve noticed I may learn the fastest with this process. Order here: Click here!


3.) YouTube Videos

“The Spanish Dude” is a Gringo that gives you fast, easy Spanish lessons. I would recommend starting here to get some of the foundational things you’re going to need to know to speak Spanish. Click Here To View!

“Espanol con Juan” is a Spanish guy talking some basic conversational Spanish. He keeps it simple and after you get some basic Spanish down, you’ll feel like a badass, because you’ll understand what he’s saying. It was a real confidence booster. Watch Here!


4.) Spanish Programming

Once you get some basic language knowledge down, try immersing yourself as much as you can into the language. Aside from YouTube, Netflix has a ton of Spanish language programming and there are a few shows that are just as good as anything you’ll find in English. Here are my 3 favorite Spanish language shows. Just crank on the subtitles and you’ll be able to hear how the language is used and definitely get a solid foundation in how to swear in Spanish!


Club de Cuervos



5.) Podcasts

The Duolingo podcasts are done in English, with some intermediate Spanish mixed in. You can find these on many podcast apps. If you go to their website, the offer the transcript, so you can read along for easier understanding. Click Here For Duolingo!


6.) Twitter

I made a list of Spanish accounts that include Spanish instruction and news. I already have a good number of people following my list. You can find it by finding me on Twitter @kevinrolston.


Be patient and have fun with it. You’ll be learning a lot more than you think you are. Adios!