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Teacher Who Made Bernie’s Mittens Is Auctioning More Off for Charity!

In case you have been off of the internet for a week, there’s a meme trend of Bernie Sanders wearing mittens that has been going viral.

Bernie’s mittens were made by a woman named Jen Ellis. She gave the senator the mittens in 2016. Now, she has pairs available on eBay-one pair going for $830!

The eBay auction page includes a message from Jen, saying, “One pair will be for my daughters college fund, one pair for Outright Vermont and this pair for a local dog rescue, Passion 4 Paws Vermont. All to be auctioned off for fundraisers. I am so flattered that people want my mittens and wish I could make them for everyone.”

Are you enjoying the Bernie Sanders memes? Which has been your favorite? Do you think it’s cool that Jen Ellis is selling mittens for charity?