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Taylor Swift seemingly confirms fan theory about the “Lover” house

Valheria Rocha/TAS Rights Mangement/Republic

Taylor Swift has responded to a creative fan theory about the house featured in her 2019 “Lover” music video.

The Grammy winner hit the like button on a fan’s TikTok video that shared a theory that every room featured in the “Lover” house symbolized a different album of hers. Each of the nine rooms offers a different color and motif, which the fan thinks are clues about what album they embody.

For example, the dimly lit attic symbolized the 2017 album Reputation, while the red entertaining space is — of course — Red. The fan also suggested that the black-and-white staircase represented folklore, the sepia-toned closet was evermore and, finally, the starry night sky symbolizes Taylor’s forthcoming album Midnights.

Midnights will be her 10th studio album.

While the “Shake It Off” singer did not confirm the theory outright, fans are taking her small interaction as her way of confirming the fan’s theory. They also say this means Taylor’s “Lover” house is now complete.

Taylor also liked another fan theory that Dylan O’Brien, who starred in the 14-minute music video for “All Too Well,” may have enjoyed a sneak peek of the upcoming album.

Speaking of MidnightsHeidi Klum and Sofia Vergara poked fun at the album art by making their own parody on Twitter.  It shows them Photoshopped onto the album cover, both chomping on the same cracker, with the title “Midnightsnacks.”

Taylor announced Midnights, which arrives October 21, at the VMAs on Sunday.

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