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Taylor Swift says “The Man” is “a concept I’ve thought about for so many years”

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ABC/Image Group LAFor her new Netflix documentary Miss Americana, Taylor Swift allowed director Lana Wilson to bring cameras into her studio, capturing for the first time her process of writing and recording songs. Now, in a Netflix behind-the-scenes video, Taylor tells Lana about her new single “The Man,” which is about the double standard for men and women when it comes to certain behavior.

That is a concept I’ve thought about for so many years, but I just always thought, ‘I want to see it in a way that’s, like, a satire and that’s kind of funny, but it’s also making a very serious point,'” Taylor explains.

She says she found a way to do that when she “hit on this idea of, ‘If I was a man, I’d be the man.’

As she puts it, “Like, ‘You guys would think I was so cool if I was doing this stuff and I was a guy,’ y’know? ‘And I could get away with this and get away with this and get away with this! I’d get applauded for this.’

In the Miss Americana documentary, we see Taylor writing her Lover album, and speaking to Wilson, she says she’s happy that those cameras were there.

Getting to capture on film, you know, getting an idea, that’s one thing that I’m glad I’ll have forever,” she tells Wilson. “I’ll always have kind of a memory of when that idea happened, [or] that idea happened. I’d never had that before.”

Meanwhile, Wilson tells Teen Vogue that she’d love to make another Taylor documentary in the future — like, 50 years in the future.

“I really would love to see Taylor at age 80 playing stadium shows,” Wilson says. “I would just love to know what songs she’s writing then. That would be awesome.”

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