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Taylor Swift reveals colorful track name from ‘Midnights’ album

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Beth Garrabrant/TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift is offering her new album Midnights to fans in various colors of limited-edition vinyl, but she’s just added a new color to the mix.

Taylor went on TikTok for another edition of her ongoing series “Midnights Mayhem with Me,” during which she reveals the names of the songs on the album by spinning a bunch of ping pong balls in a bingo cage and pulling numbers out at random.

Last night, Taylor chose #2 and revealed that track number two on the album is called “Maroon.” Does Adam Levine know about this?

“Maroon” joins previous track titles “Midnight Rain,” “Question…?,” “Vigilante S**t” and “Mastermind.” The album arrives October 21.

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