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Taylor Swift Racist?! So Says A TikToker!

A TikToker is calling out Taylor Swift and saying that she’s racist. @public_villain says he was hired by a third party to work security for Swift’s Rose Bowl concert back in 2018. While filling out the application for the job, the man says there were grooming requirements for workers that he viewed as racist against black people and people of color. “All of her employees are required to have no dreads; no headwear, even for religious purposes; no braids; no beards, even if they’re lined up and everything,” said @public_villain. Many fans responded with support of Taylor saying they would need more proof and calling @public_villain wrong for his assumptions, however, he provided screenshots of his text messages from his employer at the security company as well as a photo of his security guard license. What do you think about the TikToker’s comments regarding Taylor’s grooming requirements?  


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