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Tate McRae snaps back with new single & video, "Rubberband"

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Tate McRae performed her hit “You Broke Me First” Tuesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but today, she’s got a brand-new song and video for fans.

The song is called “Rubberband,” in which Tate sings about the painful way she tries to make herself stop thinking of the person she broke up with — a move she now regrets.

“I know you wanted a promise/I wasn’t ready, can I be honest?/Never knew what I had until I lost it,” she sings. “And I got this rubber band on my wrist/And I snap it every time that I think about your lips/Got this rubber band on my wrist/Almost break it every time when I’m trying to forget.”

The video allows Tate, an award-winning dance champion, to show off her choreography and performance skills  as she moves dramatically through two different looks and settings.

Export more from the Canadian singer/songwriter in 2021.

By Andrea Dresdale
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