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“Surgery went well”: Louis Tomlinson updates fans about his broken arm

Louis Tomlinson Performs At Ovo Arena Wembley
Simone Joyner/Getty Images

After breaking his right arm and postponing several fan events in order to heal, Louis Tomlinson shared a positive health update with fans.

Taking to Twitter, the former One Direction singer wrote, “Surgery went well so hopefully slowly but surely I’m on the mend.”

The singer appears to be on bed rest, so he has been killing time telling fans all about his new album Faith in the Future, which arrived November 11.

Among the things revealed were his three favorite non-singles off the album — “Face the Music,” “Saturdays” and “Written All Over Your Face.” When speaking of the last song, Louis joked, “Written all over your face already feels like a fan favourite. Only performed it once before smashing my arm to pieces but defo really fun to do live!”

The singer later remarked after tweeting up a storm, “Doing alright at this one hand tweeting!” He later told fans, “I’ve had nothing to do but lay in bed since my arm so I’ve been in Twitter a lot. Your support on this album means everything to me.”

Louis also shared a cheeky excuse after firing off a tweet with a typo in it, which was, “Blame the drugs.”

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