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Still having dreams: SHAED’s “Trampoline” is “part of our story”

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Credit: Jared Zagha

Before taking a jump off the High Dive, SHAED first needed a boost from a “Trampoline.”

The trio — made up of vocalist Chelsea Lee and multi-instrumentalist brothers Spencer and Max Ernst — first released their breakout single in 2018. Three years later, “Trampoline” will appear on High Dive, SHAED’s debut full-length record.

“I feel like that song, because it had such a tremendous reach, it’s a song that — still — that we love,” Max tells ABC Audio. “It gave us a sort of launching point into this new album.”

Specifically, SHAED decided to include the duet version of “Trampoline,” which features ex-One Direction member ZAYN.

“It just kind of felt natural to include it in this album,” Lee says. “Especially the ZAYN version, ’cause that’s just such an interesting take on that song, too.”

“I think it’s just part of our story,” she adds. Like, a really important part. And for our debut album we thought it was important to have it on there.”

High Dive will be released May 14. It also includes the new single “No Other Way” and the Two Feet collaboration “Part Time Psycho.”

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