Spend The Night At The REAL “Scream” House! Are You Brave Enough?!

Hey, I’d go anywhere where Skeet Ulrich was!

If you’re into the “Scream” movies, this is an experience you won’t want to miss:  There’s going to be a party Halloween night at the house that was used in the original 1996 movie.

Tickets are 200 bucks and only 150 are available.  Also, you HAVE TO be in costume . . . but not necessarily a “Scream” costume.

Someone actually lives in the house, but it’s been rented out this weekend, and you can take selfies all over . . . like in the garage where Rose McGowan got taken out . . . the bedroom where Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich got it on . . .

Or the kitchen where the final moments play out.

Oh, and there will be movies ON VHS in the living room and Jiffy Pop on the stove!

Find out the official details here!