Sorry Friend, We’re Breaking Up.

Sometimes, a friendship just doesn’t work out.  Who knows why, but you know it has to end.  Most likely it was THEM and not YOU….so don’t worry about it. HA!

But if you find it’s no longer beneficial to you and stressing you out, it’s time to say byeeeeeeeee!

Here are some signs that say it’s time to split.

If there is a feeling of resentment and it can’t be hashed out, it’s probably best to just move on.

If someone is too high maintenance for you and demands all of your time and hates when things get changed, it may be too stressful to keep that friendship.

Do you trust them, or feel like there is a lot of “behind the back” conversations going on? If you can’t trust a friend, why bother?

Finally, what kind of vibe do you get from the person? Is it someone you can be around sometimes, all the time, or just on occasion? Do what works for you.

Have you ever had to cut ties with someone you thought would be in your life forever?