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Hey, I'm Kelsi and I'm a local girl who grew up in West Palm. Being on the radio in my hometown is something I dreamed about and now I get to talk nonsense on the weekend with you. I'm pretty much obsessed with the ocean. No matter what the week brings, I try to spend as much time as possible catching sunrises, beaching it with the girls, diving at my favorite local dive spots or trying to reel them in on the boat before the sharks start taxing me. If you fish in Jupiter, you got that one Now, if you go to a concert in South Florida, chances are we're bumping in to each other. Music has always been a huge part of my life and going to concerts has become a hobby of mine since I was 14. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm 100% clumsy. To top it off, I'm adventurous and the two are not a good combo. You will see me fall, embarrass myself and occasionally get tongue tied on this blog. Cheers

Latest Posts

Ed Sheeran Sings To "Monica" AKA Courtney Cox The Best Cleaning Song

Okay, this is pretty sweet.  By the way, how do you get an invite to this little party in the park?

Florida Nanny Steals Family's Dog After Being Fired

Dang! She took their dog…seriously? Fortunately, this little pup was returned back to their family.

Couple Grabs Their Dogs & Jump Into A Ditch For Shelter During Tornado

This is absolutely terrifying.  Maybe it’s because I’m a Florida girl, but Tornados freak me out. I can deal with a hurricane any day but this is down right scary.

Waffle House Refuses To Make Popular TikTok Waffle Sandwich Hack

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12 Year Old Catches A Great White In South Florida

This kid was visiting Florida and ended up going on a fishing trip. He was over in Fort Lauderdale, when he caught an 11 foot Great White Shark! Guess you...