Jeff is a huge sports fan, and loves heartfelt romantic movies.  For example, he is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan (don’t hold that against him) and his favorite movie is Love Actually.  Figure that out! Having been in radio for a while now, he has worked in cities all over the country from NYC to San Antonio, TX and Atlanta to Dallas, and now calls Wellington home!  He spends most of his time with his 2 kids trying to figure out how to make them think he’s cool.  His daughter is 11 and his son is 8, so you will more than likely find Jeff trying to teach his daughter how to fish and his son how to play baseball. Jeff and his family are also dog lovers with their not so mini/miniature dachshund Leo.

When it comes to getting involved in the community, Jeff is a Veteran having spent time in the Army National Guard as a medic so he really enjoys finding ways to serve Veteran organizations like One Tribe Foundation, and Carry The Load.

Hear Jeff weekdays 2-6pm.  Relatable fun and maybe some advice in Dr. Miles intervention and you can decide whether to take his “unlicensed” advice.

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