The KVJ Show

Can KVJ Think Fast On A Tuesday? (06-02-20)

(Due To Episode Length- The ATS Is Separate From The On Air Broadcast) KVJ Talks About The Current Events Of America, Think Fast, Favorite Line From A Song, Song Association Game, Asking Someone Out Thru Social Media Post and Is It Dennys Or An Animal?

Feel Good Friday (05-29-20)

Feel Good Friday, YouTuber Gives Up Kid, Missed Connections, One Digit From Elon Musk’s Number, No Name Movie Game and Can Dennys Tell If You Are High (ATS Starts 2Hr 26Mins 18+ Only)

Can KVJ Not Make A Face While Drinking Wasabi Tequila? (05-28-20)

(Due To Episode Length and Technical Difficulties Today- The ATS Is Separate From The On Air Broadcast) Great Actors Worst Movies, Dennys Joke Jury, Karens Gone Wild, You Can’t Make A Face, KVJ Confessional and What’s Your Favorite Positive Story Since Pandemic Began?

Have A Safe Memorial Day! (05-22-10)

Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, I Don’t Want My Husband Bald, Our Show Stinks, Cereal Mash-Ups and Can Dennys Tell If You Are High? (ATS Starts 2Hr 10Mins 18+ Only)

Fifth Graders- Can You Stump The Bird? (05-18-20)

Stump The Bird, Suits Movie Review, Sudden Death- Baked Bean Popsicle, Things That Deserve Being Called Out, Think Fast and Why Should I Need My Wife’s Permission To Protect My Family? (ATS Starts 2Hr 38Mins 18+ Only)