Should Producer Dennys Ever Decide To Leave The KVJ Show, I Think I Found His Next Job!

If your ideal life is to sit around and smoke weed all day, but you’ve been told you can’t because you have to get a real job and make money, you might be in luck to have your Cheetos and eat them too.

Heavy Hitters, a Southern California based vape company, is looking to hire 20 national brand ambassadors by November 23 to promote the company and their products at “high-profile events” and on social media.

For prospective applicants to know what they’re in for, the company advertised the position under the headline “Smoke Weed. Travel. Get Paid.” It’s probably easy to qualify since “The opportunity is open to any and everyone that loves good times and good cannabis.”

Pay isn’t bad either. Compensation is $1,200 a month in cash, plus $500 in product credits.

What would be your ideal job? What do you think it would actually pay?



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