Sharon Osbourne Takes A Dig At Chrissy Teigen…And I Like It!

Sharon Osbourne had a lot to say about Chrissy Teigen’s reaction to Osbourne’s distaste of John Legend’s #MeToo makeover of the classic holiday song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Teigen says that she “remembered getting paid to talk sh*t about people,” referring to her short-lived talk show, FABlife.

Osborne fired back saying that she nor the other women at The Talk table talk “sh*t for money” she then reminded everyone that she was “born into the industry” and didn’t “marry into it” like Teigen.

She continued trying to diffuse the situation complimenting Legend and Teigen and their “beautiful little family,” Osborne continued, “I just thought the lyric was silly, and that’s it, I love the way you stand up for your husband, I think it’s amazing… But don’t start anything, because I know it will get ugly. So don’t start.”

Who do you think was pettier? Sharon Osborne or Chrissy Teigen?