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Seth Gilliam From “The Walking Dead” Says He Gets Death Threats

Although Seth Gilliam is just playing a character on The Walking Dead, he still gets tons of hate in real life from fans of the show.

When it comes to his character, Father Gabriel, some fans can’t see fiction from reality. He said, “Over the years, what’s been surreal to me is sometimes people not being able to see fiction from reality, and assuming I was Father Gabriel and not Seth Gilliam. When they question the choices the character made on the show, and started to send me death threats and stuff. That was surreal.” He added, “It took a little getting used to, the death threats, and realizing they were coming from 13-year-old boys in the basement of their Wisconsin home, as opposed to people who were really meaning me harm. That had a profound impact on me, on just how seriously people are involved with the characters in the show.”

Who is your least favorite character on The Walking Dead?