Seriously!!! How Awesome Were The Wallendas!?!?!?

WHOA!  That was scary!!!! The Flying Wallendas successfully pulled off another high-flying stunt over the weekend, crossing New York City’s Times Square on a tightrope in a live ABC special Sunday night.

Nik and Lijana Wallenda crossed the 1,300-foot tightrope that stretched from 1 Times Square to 2 Times Square, while tourists cheered them on 25 stories below.  At the midway point, Lijana sat down on the wire while her brother crossed over her!  She was even UNATTACHED from her harness thing!!  AAGGHH!!

It was Lijana’s first performance since 2017, when she was injured after falling 30 feet during a rehearsal.  Nik and Lijana are seventh-generation daredevils in the Wallenda family.

Even with the safety harnesses, would you even DARE to try it?!   Do you think you could be a daredevil?