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Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty takes the high road following Patrick Starrr's harsh review

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They say when you can’t say something nice…but beauty YouTuber Patrick Starrr didn’t take that advice.

Selena Gomez launched her long-awaited makeup line, Rare Beauty, last week and while her products were received to mostly rave reviews, it also attracted a fair bit of criticism. 

One review garnered attention for all the wrong reasons, but Rare Beauty is being hailed for reacting to it with kindness.

Starrr ignited controversy last week when he used his “review” Rare Beauty to seemingly hawk his own Sephora collection, One/Size. Starrr referenced his brand a minimum of seven times throughout the video and admitted that he is “biased.”

Despite professing he “loved the [Rare Beauty] brand” and rated it favorably overall, fans slammed the YouTuber for promoting his product while disparaging Selena’s.

“This was a sad attempt to downplay Selenas makeup to promote your own,” one fan remarked while another suggested, “Should’ve titled it ‘Comparing One Size to Rare Beauty.'”

Rare Beauty has since issued a statement regarding Starrr’s controversial video, tweeting, “We’re so thrilled by all the great feedback on @rarebeauty so far! It’s so uplifting to see how much love and support we’re receiving from the community for our brand mission and our products.”

“But please remember that everyone has different preferences with makeup, and not everything is going to work for everyone. That’s okay!,” the brand continued. “@patrickstarrr is such a positive voice in this community and an incredible creator and entrepreneur so let’s all show him nothing but love!”

Starrr has since reacted to Rare Beauty’s statement, tweeting in response, “Alexa play ‘Kill Em with Kindness'” — referencing Selena’s song of the same name.

He also shouted out Selena, adding, “congrats on the launch.”

Selena’s Rare Beauty can be purchased exclusively at Sephora and on the Rare Beauty website.

By Megan Stone
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