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Selena Gomez teams up with Rauw Alejandro for new sultry Spanish-language single "Baila Conmigo"

Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic

Another day, another Spanish track from Selena Gomez

On Friday, the 28-year-old singer released “Baila Conmigo,” — her second Spanish-language song this month.

The record, which has contributions from Puerto Rican producer Tainy and rapper Rauw Alejandro, is a back and forth conversation between two indiviudals expressing how they want to be with each other, without knowing whether the other is able to fully understand them due to a language barrier. 

When translated, Rauw begins the song rapping, “Baby, I don’t know if you speak any Spanish/ If you understand when I say “My love”/ Making love without understanding each other is better/ We just have to like each other.”

Later in the same verse Gomez responds, “That accent that you have/ I don’t understand too much, but come here,” before leading into a chorus of repeated pleas asking him to “dance with me/Baila Conmigo.”

Like the lyrics, the music video echos the same story. It begins with a girl watching Selena seductively sing and dance to her tune on TV. Throughout the video, the girl mimics those same dance moves in various locations, one being a beach where a boy admires her from afar. Eventually the boy approaches her by riding up on his motor bike and, without saying a word, he tosses his sunglasses aside and does the dance she’s been practicing. She joins in and then the two ride off on the bike together, proving that music is the thread that connects us all. 

“Baila Conmigo” is the second single from Selena’s upcoming fourth studio album and first Spanish EP, REVELACIÓN. The first single, “De Una Vez,” dropped earlier this month.

The album, which is Spanish for “Revelation,” is available for preorder now and is due out on March 12.

By Danielle Long
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