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Selena Gomez reveals how she took charge of the conversation about her own mental health

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There’s a reason why Selena Gomez has become an open book about her mental health, and it’s because she was finally ready to seize control of her own story.

Speaking alongside her mom Mandy Teefey for The Newsette on Tuesday, the Rare Beauty mogul says she is “not ashamed” to speak about seeking treatment for her mental health. 

Gomez previously revealed that she was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

“I feel better, and I feel like I can understand a lot of things now,” she expressed, saying her mindset came from years of frustration of not being able to control of her own narrative. “I got so angry that my story was twisted into so many different things.”

Now, she’s not only claiming her own narrative, she’s ensuring that stories about mental health issues are treated with respect and understanding — not mockery.  

“I feel like I would have missed so many opportunities in my life if I hadn’t prioritized my mental health,” Gomez furthered. “It genuinely makes me so happy to see what I’ve been doing and actually having fun doing it, and then to understand what I am doing for other people, too.”

“None of what I’m doing now would have stemmed from the mindset I had before,” the 28-year-old singer added. “My best stuff is happening now. And then the greatest thing ever in my music was ‘Lose You to Love Me.'”

Gomez says the song was a “clean slate” for her because “it was just a realization of why I went through everything I went through.”

“The reactions [to the song] were crazy,” she noted.  “I remember I smiled and I was like, ‘That’s why it’s worth it.’ All of these years of confusion and being in love, and all of this stuff.”

By Megan Stone
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