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Selena Gomez recorded her all-Spanish EP over Zoom

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Selena Gomez needed to find a new way to record Revelación, her soon-to-be-released all-Spanish EP, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and revealed on Monday how she worked around it.

Taking fans on a behind the scenes video about the album’s recording process and the making of her single “De Una Vez,” Gomez explained she mostly avoided using the recoding studio.

“We actually recorded almost the entire EP on Zoom due to COVID,” the singer revealed, detailing the amount of coordination that was needed to ensure each song turned out the way she wanted.

As for creating the “De Una Vez” music video, the first single off Gomez’s upcoming EP, she says the directors, Tania Verduzco and Adrian Perez, “Worked on the video remotely from Barcelona.”  The Disney Channel alum added that filming the music video was “very challenging” because it had to satisfy not only her vision, but meet her directors’ expectations.

The music video’s purpose was to shine a light on Gomez’s Mexican roots “and express the emotion of the track in a simple and honest way.”

They achieved that by incorporating the “Mexican Heart as a metaphor of a wound, and how it gets healed through time.”  

When it came to recording the music for the track, Gomez explained, “We wanted to create something more emotional for this one, so we worked with live instrumentation, classic keyboards and elements that were a lot softer than a hard knocking reggaeton track.”

Gomez also revealed that Revelación was created on a whim, saying, “At the time, doing a Spanish project was just an idea being bounced around. Then the rest of the project just kind of happened really quickly and organically.”

Revelación is due out March 12.

By Megan Stone
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