Seinfeld, Zombie Tidal Wave & A Baby! It’s All In Trending With Tracy On CBS 12!

How would you like to experience SEINFELD in real life?!?!  
The Seinfeld Experience exhibit is happening this fall to celebrate the shows 30th anniversary and will run through February of next year.

As in walking through Jerry’s apartment, checking out the puffy shirt, relive the festivus for the rest of us!  Dine at the diner?!?!  Dancing with Elaine would be awesome!
After doing six “Sharknado” movies, IAN ZIERING is getting back into business with Syfy for “Zombie Tidal Wave”!!!  It’s being made by the same people, and it’ll premiere on August 17th as part of a weekend of shark-themed Syfy original movies!
It’s called Off the Deep End Weekend, and it’ll also include Sharktopus”, “Zombie Shark”, “Atomic Shark”, and of course, all six “Sharknadoes”.
Did you hear about the lady that gave birth at a PINK show? Yes! At a concert in Liverpool on Tuesday, she went into labor during her first song and for some reason had her right there at the concert!  
She was days away from delivery, but had her 4 minutes into the first song of the Pink concert!! Paramedics took her to the side and out came the baby!  Dolly PINK.  
PINK put on her instagram that she “wanted to get the party started”!