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See Charlie Puth in his truest form in playful "Girlfriend" video

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Atlantic/Rumson Records

Charlie Puth has released the playful music video for his new song, “Girlfriend.”

In the clip, Charlie prepares for a dinner date but can’t seem to get anything right. He makes a mess of a home cooked meal and has to order takeout. But after the table is all set, we see the hours ticking by as Charlie waits for his date to arrive.

In the meantime, he drinks champagne, rollerskates around his apartment and plays a game of Twister by himself. He gets so distracted that he doesn’t actually hear his date knocking on his door. She peeks inside his window and sees him singing into a wooden spoon and dancing around his kitchen.

At the end of the video, he turns around and realizes she’s been watching him the whole time. Oops.

“I’ve never released a music video that wholeheartedly showed my personality,” Charlie says in a statement. “The video for ‘Girlfriend’ is the first time I’ve truly been myself in every aspect. I can’t cook and I’m an absolute nerd. It’s also meant to visually represent what I want people to do when they hear my music and that’s to have fun in their very own way.”

Charlie released “Girlfriend,” his first solo song of 2020, last month.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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