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Sam Smith & Demi Lovato go for the gold with new “I’m Ready” song & video

Capitol Records

Capitol RecordsSam Smith’s collaboration with Demi Lovato, “I’m Ready” is here — and so is the video.

In the song, Sam and Demi both sing about wanting to find a lover who’s right for them, because finally — as they sing — “I’m ready for someone to love me.”

The video features Sam and Demi singing in the middle of a number of different Olympic events, like wrestling, swimming, running and gymnastics.  While Demi is mostly seen standing on a high-dive board, Sam’s right in the middle of the action, wrestling men who are all wearing sky-high heels, and competing in the 100-meter dash with drag queens Valentina, Karis, Alok, Gigi Goode, Shea Diamond and Jeffrey Williams.

The video culminates in a triumphant podium ceremony where Sam and Demi wear gold medals, as gymnasts do back flips, and perform on rings and pommel horse.

“I’m Ready” will be on Sam’s upcoming album, due out later this year.  It was originally scheduled to come out in May, but it’s been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Its title is also being changed, from To Die For to something more appropriate.

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