Rules For Regifting


Holiday season is almost here and regifting happens. People regift to you just like you do to others. I have regifted wine and liquor but not much else. Here’s a few rules to follow so no ones feelings get hurt.

1. Never regift something homemade

2. Never regift something meaningful. A friend gives you a whole schpeel about how she saw it and thought of you and on and on. Thought went into it so just don’t.

3. Regift outside the circle of friends.

4. Only regift brand new items.

5. Never regift something a family member gave you.

6. Rewrap the regift.

7. Take the tags off.

8. Don’t regift a gift from 5 years ago!

If you are going to regift make it simple so you don’t get caught. Candles, liquor, wine, gift cards (check the balance first).