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Ritt Momney on the "crazy connection" he has with original "Put Your Records On" singer

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Ritt Momney, born Jack Rutter, has a breakout hit with a cover of “Put Your Records On,” the hit 2006 single by Corinne Bailey Rae.  Jack tells ABC Audio that when he and Corinne got to chat via Zoom not long ago, they realized they had a completely unexpected personal connection that went beyond him simply singing her song.

“So my dad is Mormon and her late husband was Mormon,” Jack says of Jason Rae, Corinne’s first husband, who died in 2008.  “And his family was from Scotland.”

“My dad went on his mission to Scotland, and I told my dad about [Corinne’s husband] because there probably aren’t a ton of Mormon people in Scotland, so maybe he talked to them,” Jack continues. As a rite of passage, many young Mormons volunteer for missionary work around the world, from 18 months to two years.

“He looked up the family name or something,” says Jack of his dad. “And he was like, ‘I’m, like, 90 percent sure I had Christmas dinner in that guy’s house with his family!'”

And speaking of Mormon missions, the reason Jack records under the name Ritt Momney is that he and his high school friends used to be in an indie band by that name.  But everyone in the band except him left to serve their missions, so Jack ended up adopting the name as his own.  And according to him, there’s no bad blood between them.

“Everybody’s cool,” he tells ABC Audio. “We’re all friends and everything. They’re totally stoked about it — nobody’s like, ‘Oh man…’ Nobody feels like they’re missing out — nobody voices that, at least.”

“Yeah, I think everybody’s happy about the success and I love all my former band mates,” he adds. “They’ve all been super-nice.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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