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Report: One Direction “reunion” will be “small,” no music involved

Karwai Tang/WireImage

Karwai Tang/WireImageOne Direction fans have been freaking out ever since Liam Payne said that the members of the group have been talking about doing something together to mark their 10th anniversary.  But according to the British tabloid The Sun, it won’t be a full-scale reunion after all.

Fans who are hoping for new music and a tour will be disappointed, a source tells The Sun.

“They are back in touch but talks between them are only about something small to mark the anniversary,” dishes the source. “They all have their own music ongoing so a reunion right now just wouldn’t make sense.”

“Harry, Niall and Louis have postponed tours which they will need to complete,” added the source. “A reunion with all five members is a wonderful idea but in practice these things take a long time to arrange and it doesn’t seem feasible at the moment.”

Despite the fact that the anniversary is July 23, the members of the group may still be unable to get together due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Sadly, The Sun says the “anniversary” may just be something like the group releasing a montage of clips from their career.

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