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Remember "The Dress"? Billie Eilish's shoes spark new viral optical illusion

ABC/Rick Rowell

When showing off her sneakers this weekend, Billie Eilish had a hard time believing that her fans saw two completely different colors.

The hilarious exchange happened Saturday via Instagram stories, when the “bad guy” singer was asked about what color the infamous “The Dress” was, which swept the internet in 2015, and made the case that instead of blue and black or white and gold, it was actually was blue and gold.   

Eilish used color swatches to back up her ruling before turning her attention toward her own optical illusion — a pair of shoes that befuddled her dad a few years ago.

Showing off her Nike Air sneakers, Eilish joked that her father thought they were pink and white when, in reality, they are mint green and white.

Unfortunately, that amusement turned into outright bewilderment when her fans started defending her dad because they saw the same exact color combination.  

The Grammy Award winner snapped several new photos of her shoes under different sources of light in an effort to prove her Nike Air sneakers were mint — not pink — and even posted a Google image of the same shoe to convince her followers — but to no avail.

When her numerous attempts were unsuccessful in proving that the shoes really were mint green, a wide-eyed Eilish adorably accused, “The whole internet is gaslighting me!”

The “my future” singer eventually dragged her shoes out into the sunlight and set them next to a pink pair of sneakers and declared “You know that I’m right” before deadpanning, “The entire Internet’s been calling me fat for a week, so let me have this.”

Eilish also confirmed that she has new music due out in November, and when a fan asked what color best describes the upcoming single, she used an autumnal orange-brown.

By Megan Stone
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