Real Men (Like Me) Take Care of Their Skin!

Recently, I met with our amazing licensed aesthetician Beverly at Lickstein Plastic Surgery. If you’ve ever heard me or my wife speak about their amazing HydraFacial…they are the true experts!  My wife is actually an expert in skincare as well…period.  Being that we’re in South Florida and that the sun is always beating down hard on us, it forces us to pay that much more attention to how we treat our skin!

I’m a golfer. I’m always out in the sun. I’m always wearing a hat. (and I’m always wearing sunscreen!) and Beverly knows this about me. When I was at Lickstein Plastic Surgery with my wife a couple weeks ago, she came to me with a new product called regiMEN by SkinMedica! 

I know you’re probably thinking “Why is this dude preaching about a facial cleanser?”  Truthfully, my wife is making me write about this right now in hopes that some of you ladies see this and take your husbands into Lickstein Plastic Surgery to get regiMEN. Haha!

So, what is regiMEN?  Best way to say it, it’s a 4-product, 3-step anti-aging skin care regimen. The SkinMedica regiMEN Skincare System for Men features four effective products which combine to treat a variety of common skin concerns. The kit includes the  SkinMedica Recalibrate, an age-defying treatment engineered to provide skin rejuvenation for men.  It also has this hydrating rejuvenator (HA5) that instantly make your skin look and feel healthier!  The wife approves!!!

I’m all in on this kit and I want to share my experience with you as best I can!  Definitely worth looking into if you (or your husband/boyfriend) could use a boost in your daily facial cleansing process!

Check out Lickstein Plastic Surgery now and tell them I sent you! -Bryan




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