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Queen Naija shares new track “Butterflies Pt. 2”

Courtesy of Universal

Courtesy of UniversalPreserving the momentum from her breakthrough year, Queen Naija returns with new single, “Butterflies Pt. 2.” 

The platinum-selling artist teased the song earlier this week, releasing a “Memory Video” on YouTube, filled with intimate moments shared between her and her longtime boyfriend Clarence White.

The video is a reflection of her undying love and devotion to White, shared though Facetime videos and sweet kisses. The two have been together for almost two years and have a one-year old son, Legend

“You came into my life /Then made everything right again / I was once in a dark place/I remember when you told me/You were scared to fall in love again/Still you found a way to fall for me,” she sings on the track.

The song serves as the sequel to her gold-certified single, “Butterflies,” from her self-titled debut project.

Naija became an overnight success by turning her real-life drama into songs like “Karma and “Medicine,”  based on her past relationship with her ex-husband.  She and her ex had a successful YouTube channel together, but they split in 2017. They share a four-year-old son named CJ

Queen Naija is working on her debut album, set to release later this year. 

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