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PSY recalls wanting to mentor BTS when they achieved global success

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PSY knows how intimidating it is to become an overnight global sensation — he did that nearly a decade ago with “Gangnam Style” — and hoped to share some of his insights with BTS when they hit it big.

Speaking on his YouTube channel about his new music video “That That,” which features BTS’ Suga, the Korean rapper explained, “In 2012 and 2013, I was at my happiest, but also the most anxious state.  How [do I] to take in this massive success, this unrealistic reality?'”

“I was ranking 2nd on Billboard‘s Hot 100 for seven weeks straight and I thought I would go to first with my next song.  But it never came, so I was quite bitter,” the 44-year-old rapper continued.  PSY revealed he was more frustrated with himself and hoped to see a Korean act “reach 1st place” on the chart.

“BTS made my wish come true,” he raved.  While ecstatic for their success, he was also aware of the pressure the septet was soon to face.  “I was rooting for them wholeheartedly,” PSY expressed. “I knew they would be simultaneously thrilled and anxious.  I thought, ‘Will they reach out to me?'”

The “GENTLEMAN” rapper finally was able to share the advice he had for the singers when working with Suga on his comeback album, PSY 9th.

Suga, who is 29, revealed he was “a huge fan” of PSY “since I was little” and “grew up listening to his music.”  He added, “I thought, ‘If I become a successful musician, I’ll be able to rub shoulders with artists like him,'” the pop star continued. 

The two became fast friends and PSY revealed he taught Suga something else — the importance of stretching before practice.

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