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Producer Dennys Top Video Game Picks


I played through a decent amount of my gaming backlog during last year’s quarantine and wanted to share with you my top favorite game picks!


5) Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (Remake)

This game was a thrill ride- Once it starts, it doesn’t stop! Fantastic and true to the original. Improved upon in every way possible and the quality of life improvements from the Resident Evil 2 Remake carry over. My only complaint is the length. My first playthrough ever was only 7 hours… that’s pretty short for a $40 dollar game. There is an asymmetrical multiplayer mode but i lost interest quick unfortunately. Grab it on sale- It is totally worth it! I give it a 3/5


4) Final Fantasy VII (Remake)

If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series- You will love this game! If you aren’t a fan, you may become one.  All the quality of life improvements from the recent Final Fantasy releases are present. Tons of great remodels of beloved characters and locations. They are breaking the game into series of releases.  This remake only contains the first 15 percent of the original PSOne title. That being said, it is worth every minute! The story is much more in depth and expanded and centralizes in Midgar and Shinra, plus extra twists and turns exclusive to the remake. I give it a 4/5


3) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This game was an unexpected surprise for me. I tend to not love a lot of the Star Wars titles but this one is a rare gem! Very well thought out combat and a nice leveling system. Great pacing and clever level design. Great story with new characters and a new perspective into the world lore. This is a tougher game (seems to be modeled with Dark Souls in mind) and i can see that turning off some people but if you can stick it out- it is very much worth it. I give it a 4/5



2) Ghost Of Tsushima

This game is so incredibly well done and the story is so profound you will find yourself thinking about it for days after completing it. The story is set during feudal Japan and it is a very dark, grisley time. You, as the main protagonist, unite the people of Tsushima to drive out the invading force and also learn a series of life lessons along the way. The story is broken into 3 acts and comes to a crescendo as you battle the enemy and your own internal demons. If you like games like Assassin’s Creed or The Witcher- This is a must! I give it a 5/5


1) Demon’s Souls Remake

I know there are a lot of remakes on the list but this is a personal favorite! The only downside is you need a PS5… This is a remake of the PS3 launch title of the same name.  This was the first game of its kind and it spawned an entire gaming genre- SoulsBourne. This game is very challenging but also is very rewarding. If you never played a Souls game, this is a good starting point and with a completely built from the ground up overhaul- it will most likely kick off a complete rehaul of the series. The graphics are top notch with ray tracing, 4k and 60fps! Fantastic story, smooth gameplay, world originality, 3d sound and top notch graphics- I give it a 5/5!