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Powfu's ready to "stay4ever" with new single and video

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Now that he’s made us coffee for our heads, Powfu is ready to “stay4ever.”

That’s the name of the new single by the Canadian low-fi artist, whose track “death bed (coffee for your head)” has racked up two billion streams.  In the romantic track, Powfu swears that he’ll always be there for the object of his affection, even if she doesn’t feel good about herself.”

“See your scars I know just how it feels/Left abandoned by what you thought was real/It’s ok if you don’t win every fight/Know the darkness only comes in the night/But I’ll be here forever,” he sings.

In the video, Powfu and a girl meet in school, and then become a couple, watching TV, riding bikes and sitting together on the roof of a house.

While teasing the song last week, Powfu said it was “for the girl in a dark place.”  Now, he says, “I hope to inspire people to use their past experiences to help other people who are going through the same thing. Don’t dwell in the darkness but stand in the light.

By Andrea Dresdale
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