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Post Malone drops to his knees after twisting his ankle during Atlanta concert

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Poor Post Malone! The singer can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to injuring himself at his concerts.

TMZ reports Posty twisted his ankle while performing in Atlanta; it’s clear it was causing him a lot of pain because he wound up falling to his knees. He stayed down for a few seconds, which caused the arena lights to go on and the music to stop playing.  

The singer was a trooper, and he forced himself back on his feet and continued the show. He did joke he would have to put his dance moves on ice because of the new injury.

You may be wondering how Post keeps injuring himself. Well, it may be because of the way his stage is designed for this tour. In the middle of the stage setup, there is a big hole that allows for pyrotechnics, and if Posty isn’t careful, he could fall right on in. 

As we know, that already happened last month when he was forced to shorten his set after falling into that same opening, which injured his ribs, while performing at St. Louis Enterprise Center. He “woke up to a cracking sounds on the right side of my body” and was “having a very difficult time breathing,” forcing him to postpone a show in Boston because he had to be hospitalized.

For this new accident, he apparently miscalculated his steps around that gap and twisted his ankle. 

The extent of his new injury is currently unknown, but sources tell the outlet it’s nothing serious and that he’s ready to perform in Dallas on Friday.

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