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Popular Prison Recipes


Learn How To Make Some Popular Prison Dishes With Our Prison Recipe List!


Prison Pizza

Blend a mix of ramen and crackers together with hot water to form a paste which is then shaped into a circular pizza crust. This ramen crust is then topped with salsa, squeeze cheese, summer sausage, or any other vaguely pizza topping-like ingredients on hand.


Prison Nachos

Take a bag of tortilla chips, open it up, and top it with canned chili and refried beans. Add squeeze cheese and a little diced onion and green pepper, before heating it up in the microwave.


Prison Cake

Take a whole package of peanut butter cookies. Separate the cookies from the filling and crush the cookies to a powder before adding enough water to make a dough. A package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is then broken up and mixed with the peanut butter cookie filling along with two scoops of powdered cappuccino mix and a little water. This mixture is heated in the microwave until melted. The cake is formed by alternating layers of dough – pressed into the tray in which the cookies originally came – and peanut butter filling. For the topping, a Hershey bar is placed in a cup of hot water until it melts, then squeezed over the entire cake. The final touch is a scoop of peanut butter melted in the microwave and drizzled over the top. The cake is then placed on top of a bowl full of ice for two hours until it sets.


Jailhouse Tamales

Crush up one bag of Fritos and another of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Doritos, or another spicy chip. Mix the crumbs in one bag with enough hot water to form a thick mush, then knead, drain off excess water, and roll into a more-or-less tamale shape. Let sit for about 5 minutes, peel off the bag, and serve the resulting more-or-less food-like object with plenty of hot sauce


Jack Mack or Tuna Casserole

Ja Rule’s favorite prison meal was ramen noodles, with canned mackerel and sweet-and-sour sauce. Instead of sweet and sour sauce, you can also season with hot sauce and crushed Doritos. The Doritos, can also be replaced with cheese crackers or actual cheese, that are mixed in with the boiling noodles to form a cheesy kind of sauce.


Ramen Sandwiches

A packet of tuna, with half a garlic pickle and a pepperoni stick. Stir in two to four packets of mayonnaise. Season with an equal amount of mustard, a dollop of chili garlic sauce, and half the seasoning packet from the ramen noodles.



Take some apples, oranges, mixed fruit cups, and bread, then mix it all up in a sealable bag. Plop it into a bowl of boiling water, wrap it in a t-shirt, then hide it somewhere the Correctional Officers will never think to look. Once the bag starts swelling up in a few days’ time, open it up and throw in some ketchup and sugar packets.