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Hot Topics....Dysfunctional Characters. The Kevin, Virginia and Jason Show broadcasts on 979 WRMF from sunny South Florida!

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KVJ Tries The Canadian Beverage- Beef Fizz (06-26-20)

Feel Good Friday! Socially Distanced Summer Vacations, Late-Night Fireworks, Missed Connections, KVJ Drinks The Canadian Soft Drink- Beef Fizz and Weed Strain or Not? (ATS Starts 2Hr 30Mins 18+ Only)

What Are The Best Shows of 2020 So Far? (06-23-20)

Rate the Grossness, Audio Charades, Talk Your Way Out of It, My Friend Stripped At This Bachelor Party, Best Shows of 2020 So Far, Dennys or Animal and Has The Pandemic Improved Your Life? (ATS Starts 2Hr 30Mins 18+ Only)

Who Pays More Attention On The KVJ Show? (06-22-20)

It’s Monday! Call Them Out, Signs Your Man Doesn’t Have It Together, Taking Back A Cheater, This Chinese Restaurant Is A Mafia Front and Who On KVJ Pays More Attention? (ATS Starts 1Hr 58Mins 18+ Only)