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Hot Topics....Dysfunctional Characters. The Kevin, Virginia and Jason Show broadcasts on 979 WRMF from sunny South Florida!

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It's Feel Good Friday On KVJ! (09-24-21)

Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, Song Association Game, Producer Dennys Knows When You’re High, Vigilante Social Justice Warriors and What’s the Dumbest Thing A Customer Has Gotten Mad…

KVJ Cuts- KVJ Confessions (09-23-21)

What dirty things do you want to confess in our KVJ Confessional? Remain anonymous and send us an email with all your secrets!

KVJ Cuts- FML (09-22-21)

When life kicks you in the pants, sometimes is nice to find others who are also suffering to ease your pain! KVJ reads posts from FML!