Fair Or Foul: This Teacher Got Fired For Playing Fortnite With His Students

So much for engaging with kids on their level. A teacher in Brooklyn was fired last month for playing “Fortnite” with two students from his Phys. Ed class.

Brett Belsky made a deal with the 11 and 12-year-olds that if they “pay attention and do well in class,” he’d meet them on the popular game’s battlefield. Unfortunately only one of the middle schoolers got permission beforehand, which led an unhappy father to lodge a complaint with the city’s Department of Education.

After an investigation into Belsky, who already had three unrelated disciplinary letters under his belt, he was let go. Belsky is now suing for wrongful termination. Was the school board right to fire him? Would you have been mad at the deal as a parent? How would you have handled the situation?



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