Pizza Johns introduces Pizza Bowls

If you are a pizza lover but could do without the Pizza crust, then you are going to love this! Papa Johns has begun selling “boneless pizza,” or how I like to look at it, pizza salads!

Their essentially all the pizza goodness without the crust.

“We are very excited to offer Papa Bowls as a new menu category and as a new way consumers can experience our premium ingredients,” said Scott Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Menu Strategy and Product Innovation for Papa Johns, in a press release. “Our signature crust continues to be a beloved favorite, but we know that sometimes customers crave something different. We want them to know we are committed to delivering on all of those cravings through our menu.”

You can find the Pizza bowls in a variety of flavors including Garden Veggie, Italian Meats Trio and Chicken Alfredo.

The company released the bowls on August 8th but the release has mostly flown under the radar until last week when started comparing it to a TV dinner.

I’d try it!

If you are interested in trying it too, you can find it at participating Papa Johns.