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Pink documentary is in the works, reveals Emmy-nominated editor

TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

A peek inside the life of Pink is coming soon.

Emmy-nominated Ozark editor Cindy Mollo reveals to ABC Audio that a documentary on the singer is currently in the works for Amazon.

“I can tell you it’s an untitled documentary about the singer Pink,” Mollo says, when asked what she’s currently working on. “And I’m super-excited. They found me because she’s a fan of Ozark.”

Mollo says she’s been working on the project for about two months and hints it may not be too long before fans get to see it.

“It won’t be the usual year or two long documentary schedule,” she says. “We have a plan. We kind of had to hit the ground running.”

As for any other details on what the doc may cover, those are under wraps for now.

“I mean, you know, if you know anything about her, she is like such an amazing performer — physically, musically — she’s an activist, now she’s a winemaker,” Mollo says.

“So, you know, let your imagination cut all that together and show me a rough cut tomorrow.” 

Meanwhile, Mollo is nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for her editing of the Ozark season three episode “Wartime.”  The awards will be handed out next month.

By Andrea Tuccillo and Jason Nathanson
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