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Pentatonix releases hopeful track, "The Lucky Ones"

Jabari Jacobs

Pentatonix has released their brand new original song, “The Lucky Ones,” the title track off their upcoming album.

The uplifting a cappella tune tells a hopeful story of a misfit in a small town growing up to find better days.

“Look how far we’ve come/And it was all so unexpected/We were broke and we were young/But somehow we stayed connected,” the group sings.

“So we hold on to our better days/’Cause easy come, easy go away/Still can’t believe we were the lucky ones/Look how far we’ve come.”

Pentatonix’s new original album, The Lucky Ones, will be released on February 12 and is available for pre-order now. It’s their first full-length original album since 2015’s self-titled release.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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